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A file manager for Windows with many useful features
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Andrzej StefaƱczyk
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2 May 2010

Editor's review

MS Windows is a common and popular computer operating system created by Microsoft with multiple graphical options facilitating easy navigation through the system configurations. The Windows Explorer is immensely popular tool and is majorly accepted by all due to its simple usability and neat features. The Windows versions are updated periodically with new and enhanced features with the standard tools remaining the same such as task pane, search companion, image handling making it user friendly. However if you are looking for a more powerful utility, Master Commander 0.8.12 comes across as an effective replacement for the Windows Explorer with its fresh features and stronger tools saving time and energy.

Master Commander opens with a systematically arranged interface with a special dual panel view and additional features that speed up the series of shorter file operations. The major options are placed at the top panel and with vibrant looking icons located just beneath. The sophisticated feature list of the application includes files displayed in a two or three tabbed surface listing panels in a tree like design; optional tree view for each of the panels; in-built text editor with the facility of syntax highlighting for multiple programming languages and supports the fundamental operations on files and folders consisting of commands like cut, copy, paste and rename. Furthermore, file searching and file filters along with calculation of folder size and file splitting and merging are also some of the important features of the software. The user can also create a list of favorite folders and download files from the web and even share files on a local network.

Overall, Master Commander 0.8.12 contains useful features and powerful functionalities to replace the Windows explorer and enhance the operations and hence gets a rating score of four points for its utility value and stellar performance.

Publisher's description

Master Commander is a file manager, which is the replacement for Windows Explorer.
A convenient dual-panel view and additional features allow you to perform a series of shorter file operations.
* files are displayed in two independent panels as a list or a tree
* tabbed interface
* optional tree view for each panel
* built in archive handling: ZIP, TAR, GZIP, TGZ, BZIP2, RAR, 7ZIP
* a text editor with syntax highlighting for many programming languages
* a binary hex editor allows you to modify the files of any size
* supports the fundamental operations on files and folders: copy, move, delete, rename
* operations are executed in the background which means that when performing any function available in the program you can use other (or the same) function (for example: when you copy or compress files, you can browse or search for files)
* allows you to encrypt and decrypt files using algorithms: BASE64, DES, TripleDES, AES (128 i 256 bit)
* multi rename tool
* file searching (with text searching inside)
* file filters for display
* tool windows are not modal
* calculation of folder size
* modification of file date and attributes
* create and verify file checksums (CRC, MD5)
* file splitting and merging
* a tool for comparing and analyzing the differences in the contents of files of any size (binary and textual)
* a list of favorite folders
* a simple command line
* a tool to synchronize folders
* a tool to download files from the Web
* built in FTP client
* a tool for code page conversion files
* electronic signature file (signing and verifying)
* a tool for display processes and dependent modules with the possibility of the location of the executable program and stop its operation
* a tool for create an ISO image from any specified group of folders and files
* a tools for share files and folders on the local network
.NET Framework 3.5 is required
Master Commander
Master Commander
Version 0.8.12
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